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Alternative Solutions for Funerals and Cremations in Kennewick, WA

While families often want traditional funeral services for a loved one, there are many times when alternative plans are designed based on the requests of the deceased. How would you like to say goodbye to your family member? As you are considering your options for cremation and funeral in Kennewick, WA, don’t overlook some of the unique options for the event.

The benefit of a traditional funeral is the opportunity to hold into specific family traditions that have been shared for many generations. If this experience is a priority for the family, then you might choose to stick with the common trend of a viewing, funeral, and graveside gathering. Or, you might make small changes that incorporate the main parts of the funeral service, with a few small unique details to create an event like none other.

Remember that there are countless ways to personalize these funeral services. If you want to design an event that is unique and different, then our team is happy to answer your questions and assist with all stages of planning. We always listen to the needs of our customers and offer the highest levels of respect for your family preferences and traditions.

Options to Consider: Funerals and Cremations in Kennewick, WA

The first thing you need to do is learn about the various options for end-of-life services. Our team can explain the different packages that are offered, as well as ways these events can be customized to meet your needs. Here is an overview of some of the most common plans for end-of-life services:

  • Funeral Services: This traditional method of funeral planning often includes a formal service held at a church or funeral home. Often, there is a presentation with attendees sitting in the pews while listening to the memories, speeches, and music. It is common to hold a viewing before the event, followed by a procession to the cemetery where a graveside service is planned.
  • Cremation: There are benefits to both burial services and cremation. As you compare the costs, you’ll see that cremation is an affordable alternative compared to casket burial. Another benefit of this service is the flexibility in choosing a different resting place for your loved one. For example, cremated ashes can be kept in an urn, planted with a memorial garden, or scattered if desired. Some families have keepsake jewelry created that contains a portion of the cremated ashes.
  • Memorial Services: If you prefer, a memorial can be planned after the burial or cremation is complete. In most cases, memorial services are the same as funeral services. The difference is that the casket is not present at the event. Memorials can include any traditions, stories, music, or memories the family would like to share to highlight the person being honored.
  • Celebrations of Life: Instead of the formality of a traditional funeral, have you considered the option to hold a celebratory event? A Celebration of Life is designed to be an uplifting, fun event. Often it includes the person’s favorite music, foods, and activities. If the deceased was an avid sports fan, then you might invite attendees to wear their preferred jerseys and come for an afternoon barbeque designed to be like a game tailgate party.

As you can see, you have options for planning funeral services for your loved one. Our funeral home and cremation service in Kennewick, WA offers complete care for families during their times of need. We can assist with a range of events, including formal funeral services or a casual gathering with friends.

Preparing for the Future: Preplanning

One of the most common reasons why alternative funeral services are planned is because the deceased shared a request for a specific way the event is designed. Sometimes, these wishes are formalized with a funeral home, and all details of the event are recorded and ready when it’s time to plan the event. Other times, a casual conversation is held with a close family member to share the specifics of how the day should be designed.

It is always beneficial to finalize funeral services in advance if possible. Our team will gladly accommodate your request for a consultation. We can discuss various funeral services and provide information about the details required for the event. You can take the time desired to explore your options, then record this information for your family. When you pass away and the funeral is scheduled, your family will be relieved to know what you prefer for the funeral service.

Of course, there are times when preplanning isn’t an option. If you are carrying the responsibility of planning a funeral for a loved one, then call us right away. We provide the guidance and care you need for cremation and funeral planning in Kennewick, WA.

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